Catherine Jenkins became the spokesperson of MontBlanc

        Catherine · Jenkins became the spokesperson of MontBlanc brand watches,, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watch   it is reported, MontBlanc announced the opera world popular star Catherine & middot; Jenkins is about to debut in addition to brand advertising,, and this fall will be as Tokyo and London MontBlanc store opening ceremony to sing. As a continuation of the brand to promote cultural and artistic spirit, MontBlanc will be sponsored by later this year Catherine · Jenkins, a UK tour, as her career development offer unlimited support. The 26 year old Wells singer Catherine · Jenkins to the outstanding youth singing talent and sweet charm shocked the music world of opera, become the star, its unique personal style and spirit of the pursuit of the perfect not only run in the same groove and brand value of MontBlanc and MontBlanc, with more women’s youth fashion temperament perfect products, to become the best spokesmen on behalf of MontBlanc ladies, watches, leather, fine jewellery and writing tools. MontBlanc CEO Han Wufu said: "when we met for the first time with Catherine · Jenkins, have been attracted by her friendly and warm personality. Her efforts aim high spirit, agree without prior without previous consultation and brand target consumer group characteristics, is convinced that she is the best candidate for the MontBlanc brand and product endorser." 2006 is an important date in the celebration of the 100 anniversary of the establishment of MontBlanc. In order to celebrate the centennial celebration this year,, MontBlanc also launched a white star logo is a star design based on the diamond, along with Catherine · Jenkins joined the brand ambassador of the column, more like binary aggregation, shine.

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