Fashion people why need at least six watches

        fashion people why need at least six watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch a fashion person should be prepared at least six watches. A dress watch, wear at work; a dress watch, wear in business; a time zone table, for round-trip between time interval; a sports watch, as outdoor sports equipment; a leisure table, used in daily leisure; a piece of jewelry table, it is a social field he essential wardrobe. The selection of the six block of table, there are some must pay attention to the prerequisite. The first is the basic color. It seems from the clothing and jewelry perspective, each person has the basic color different, most of the yellow race the most suitable accessories tone is clear, high concentration of the fresh color, pink, blue, red and so on will make people look one’s face glowing with health, charming. The skin is white can easily determine the basic color of their own, because "a white cover three ugly", so many colors can be used as a basic color. While the darker skin color, in any case should not choose pink and green as the basic color. If the partial color black or dark brown, Coffee color as the basic color is absolutely not. Skin yellowing and stumpy? Please stay away from red, yellow two color,, they are not as the basic color of your. While dark skin who should choose bright color as the basic color. Starting from their own skin, choose its own basic color, you can buy watches with consideration to watch the color and their Is it right? Match. The second is the body. Figure will often determine a person’s temperament, so consider the size that is taking into account the temperament. Figure tall and strong should choose a large dial watches, in the shape and style of rough kind, can even choose military offbeat phenotype such. While the body is relatively thin should choose a dial thinner smaller watches. The general shape is easy to choose, the occasional large watches can increase the person’s strong momentum, while the small table paragraph can appear modest some. Starting from the basic color and shape,, then have their own suitable watch, you can follow the watch color, modeling, value, occasions to carefully match your clothes. Clothing is always more than the watch, to watch as the starting point, don’t you worry about can not find the appropriate clothing to match, match the effect would complement each other. Watches and clothing should be and to watch as the starting point, watch how to match clothes? Mechanical watches for those who study with passion for complex mechanical watch people. Some of the long history of the watch brand every year will launch a new mechanical watch, to meet the fashion people warmly for watches. Leather surface, made good leather texture on the watch looks very noble, need careful care of the wearer, so leather watch is the most suitable for people to wear elegant. On the fashion, the more classic mechanical table table, leather fashion strong some, but both are fit and formal, business equipment collocation, dark clothing and mechanical watches, leather table match, will achieve a harmonious effect. The ultra-thin watches, as thin as a business card, watch.

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