Cartire the story of the operator

        Cartire: the story of the operator watches brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   like the childhood parents speak "wolf" story, the honest seed for the children,, now enterprises are willing to use the story to spread yourself claims, will brand seeds embedded in the minds of consumers.   easy to remember, easy to spread the story; story and close to nature, more to give product emotion and vitality; in the high degree of homogeneity of the era, and is a powerful tool to set up the story of brand personality.   one is called "the emperor’s jewelers, jewelers emperor" of the international top luxury brands, nearly 160 years has been studying weave your own story, and use various methods to spread. So, if someone think,, 160 years, Cartire in the jewelry business, watches and other luxury goods, it would be wrong, because besides these, more importantly, Cartire has been in the business of their own stories. The story of     mining; since its inception in 1847, Cartire has been with the other royal aristocrats and celebrities stay linked and close contacts. For ordinary people, royalty and celebrities life is mysterious, exciting. So, every customer of Cartire have become free spokesmen of it, an important source of this is the Cartire brand story.   whatever you from what channel to know Cartire, have heard such a story: in 1936 December, succeeded him in less than a year the British king Edward VIII to and divorced two times USA civilian woman Mrs. Simpson married,, resolutely abdication. Edward VIII’s brother George VI came to the throne, awarded him the title of Duke of windsor. In order to express love, Duke of Windsor inspired Cartire designed four jewelry for the Duchess of Windsor, respectively is the "cheetah" brooch, necklace "BIB", "tiger" lorgnette and "duck’s head" brooch.   because of its behind the beautiful, touching story, "Cartire’s first animal and other jewelry" status, "cheetah" brooch has almost become the Cartire iconic products, thus let Cartire "cheetah" series of products by many later love.   in fact, the Cartire business really Xinglong, swept the Paris royal family and nobles are from Napoleon young cousin — began to Princess Mathilde’s favor. Later, the British Crown Prince Prince Welsh came from Cartire ordered 27 a tiara, and worn before he was crowned Edward VII ceremony. Two years later, Edward VII gave Cartire the Royal commission. Since then, Cartire has been commissioned, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Russia, Egypt and other countries of the royal family,, the royal family has become the "Queen’s jewelry" suppliers.   those with royalty, celebrities stories, not only to Cartire brought development business, also let Cartire brand value greatly enhance the ability to continuously enhance, premium. &.

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