The 2008 TAG Heuer grand launch of the new Lincoln Mens Watch

        2008 TAG Heuer grand launch of the new Lincoln Mens watch watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   to celebrate excellence and the legendary Lincoln (LINK) series (formerly S /el Series) 20 anniversary of Basel in 2008, TAG Heuer TAG Heuer watches jewelry exhibition booth grand launch of the new Lincoln Mens Watch series. TAG Heuer eternal Lincoln (LINK) series of "20 years of motion and incomparable elegance" logo design concepts, unique structure of special comfortable, luxurious 20 years,, TAG Heuer Lincoln (LINK) series (the original S/el series, meaning "sport and elegance Sport/elegance") is always works embody "sport and elegance" supreme Charm the Swiss watchmaking industry, and became excellent representative fusion spiritual power and motion attitude. Lincoln (LINK) series appear in the global number one golfer Tiger Woods? (Tiger Woods), F1 (Ayrton Senna) legendary cyclist Senna,, Hollywood star Matt diamond (Matt (Damon) starred in "the identity of the Bourne") and global each CEO wrist, as a symbol of their identity. Watches and other movement is different, Lincoln (LINK) series contains the structure symbol design concept and refine on the. Lincoln (LINK) series of the chain is in a S shape, is the one and only is gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory and the tag heuer logo design. It has extremely high flexibility, so the design of near perfect wearing comfort, embodies the designer on the principles of aesthetics and ergonomics perfect pursuit, but also makes Lincoln (LINK) series has become the global model. Lincoln (LINK) series was founded in 1987, was called S/el,, meaning "sport and elegance". Because of its unique design concept, the series in 1988 by the F1 driver Senna (Senna)’s favor, he was wearing S/el series three battle F1 world championship. In 1999, S/el series after a bold new design, by Lincoln (LINK) in the name of the global re released, and enable many sports stars, including Leonardo (Leonardo), Boris? Becker (Boris Becker), Marion? Jones (Marion Jones), Collins? Jackson (Colin Jackson), Monica celis (Monica? Seles) etc……. In 2003,, in order to legend to the golf is the series of global spokesperson tiger? Woods tribute, TAG Heuer launched a new table series, with accurate timing 1/10 seconds of Lincoln (LINK) Caliber 36 mechanical Chronograph watches as a symbol of. Lincoln (Link) series of tiger? Woods limited edition watch chain with more simple design, case is a one piece solid steel cutting, practical generous time dial is easy to read. The whole wrist;

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