Table 50 anniversary of the moon landing the OMEGA Speedmaster limited series table section

        OMEGA super moon moon table 50 Anniversary Limited series table section watch brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches to commemorate the 50 anniversary of the birth of super moon table, OMEGA launched a series of Speedmaster 50 Anniversary Limited Edition watch: from the most honorable, top 57, only limited the coaxial escapement device equipped with 18K gold, platinum and rose gold collection watches and also equipped with coaxial escapement device Limited 1957 stainless steel watches; to love for more people to choose the table limit 5957 super 50 anniversary of the lunar surface. The proposed price from 110000 to about 1000000 yuan.           witness the great moment in human lunar space adventure as human history first, and the only one on the moon by astronaut wearing the watch, OMEGA super moon table (Speedmaster) in human space exploration history, plays a key role. So far, there is not any brand watches can be replaced,, beyond this privilege.     in 1957 published the OMEGA Speedmaster chronograph with timing and speed performance, over the years is the most precise timepiece of pilots and astronauts trust. Speedmaster Chronograph experience American NASA 11 rigorous testing and participation in the six mission to the moon,, is America all launch plans specify table section, at present more become a timepiece using the Russian MIR International Space Station astronaut, in the use of U.S. – Russian space of witnesses, the OMEGA Speedmaster professional Chronograph accurate and is There is nothing comparable to this. The super 50 anniversary of coaxial escapement moon limited Taiwan Swatch Swiss Watch Company Limited General Manager Huang Kongxiang said, in fact, as early as in 1962, to participate in the Sigma 7 launch plan astronaut Walter Schirra has been the first to wear the Speedmaster chronograph, and American NASA in 1965 officially announced from the time of several involved in strict test watch brands select the OMEGA Speedmaster for all manned launch plan specifies the timepiece. In 1969 July for the first time with the Apollo 11 astronauts on the moon, then won the "reputation" moon tables. In 1970, Apollo 13 spacecraft for accurate timing Speedmaster Chronograph accident can only rely on the hands of the safe return to earth, American NASA will therefore represents the highest honor "Snoopy prize" awarded to OMEGA. In addition, the Speedmaster in 1975 to join a number America Apollo and the former Soviet Union (Soyuz) space converging action, it was the United States and the Soviet Union at the height of the cold war, the Soviet Union and the United States astronaut handshake moment of historic symbolic meaning,, because their hand, worn by all Speedmaster chronograph. The super 50 anniversary of coaxial escapement moon limited series table section (each 57 18 carat gold and is the number of 1957 stainless steel watches), with 3201 hand chain coaxial escapement watches, giving higher accuracy and life of modern timepiece. Coaxial escapement system can greatly reduce the zero.

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