Swiss Tissot Tissot Watch

        Tissot Swiss watch brand Tissot watch /, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   Swiss watch as a model, is the backbone of the world watches, Tissot (Tissot) was born in 1853 in the cradle of Swiss watch making industry. With the spirit of innovation, after 150 years,, Tissot (Tissot) name has been on five continents around the world more than 150 countries,, has become one of the tables immortal altar in the Swiss watch brand, and won many international honors and awards.     Tissot (Tissot) contains 150 years of innovation and the Swiss watchmaking tradition, is the leader in the Swiss watch industry. Its mission is to provide high quality and reasonable price of watches to the masses. As the official timer of bicycle, motorcycle, fencing and Ice Hockey World Championship, Tissot (Tissot) emphasis on sports value accuracy and personal challenge,, therefore invited the 2001 European Footballer of the year, England Football Super League and national team Liverpool soul of Mike Erwin (Michael Owen) for the international image ambassador.   innovation, the courage to forge ahead, as Tissot Tissot (Tissot) purpose, just also cater to the most prominent characteristics of sports. Therefore, Tissot (Tissot) started from very early and sports events become attached to, sponsoring a variety of game, to launch the sports watch a variety of functions, and provide professional and timing equipment for major international events.     Tissot (Tissot) innovation is embodied in almost every detail. A representative of watch of technological innovation in 1853 made the first watch, and was founded in 1953 100 anniversary to celebrate the company design the world’s first automatic world time watch "Voyager" etc.. While the dynamic table, table, and in 1998 1985 rock with high-tech anti sensitive raw material made of ultra modern design watches mechanical 1971 global first to the plastic surface made of, is the classic watches watches material innovation. Swiss Tissot (Tissot), is its own age    

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