OMEGA luxury password

        password OMEGA luxury watch brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches is clearly in the "rich, and his high-profile,, fashionable" image matching, OMEGA sponsored sporting events are more willing to pull a relation with racing, golf etc. The game. In the past two years, OMEGA has been held in the golf tournament, in order to expand its influence OMEGA Chinese District retailers have a year to take place in the black sand beach hotel in Macao. The conference is a typical OMEGA style: rich, fashionable, high profile. On the day of the dinner, a model from Hongkong team,, site has tens of thousands of dollars worth of lottery. In these rich, sharp and stylish behind, is a lot of money. Just such a year, roughly estimate, about 3000000 to 5000000 yuan budget. Spent so many years, only to be a dealer. However, for OMEGA, this is a very normal thing. In fact, rich, sharp and fashion seems to have become OMEGA’s image in people’s minds. Spend money like water to do publicity OMEGA is willing to maintain this image, and therefore a lot of money. In fact, just watch, there are a few other brand advertising budget to do more than OMEGA. Of course, do not return. On the sales, OMEGA has been firmly sitting on the Chinese watch market Toubajiaoyi: according to the statistics of China National Commercial Information Center for market information department, OMEGA in the Chinese watch market share of more than 20%, be way ahead in other watch brands. Radar, Longines and OMEGA belong to the same group of Swatch. Swatch is one of the world’s largest watchmaking groups, have 20 brands ", is a Swiss watches camp" (swatch the brand itself is composed of S and watch watch, wherein S represents a Swiss Swiss). OMEGA is clearly Swatch star of the group, its sales are converted into Renminbi in 4000000000 to 6000000000 yuan between, which Chinese mainland market is about 300000000 Yuan to 400000000 yuan. This is a very small proportion of the. However, Swatch said in its annual report, the group can grow in very difficult circumstances, strong growth is one of the factors of OMEGA sales. While OMEGA has clearly put Chinese market as their major, and in China repeatedly constantly shot. OMEGA for the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing pinned up. "The Olympic Games was held in Beijing,, and we hope to have more in China market, it is a great opportunity." Lu Keqin, President of OMEGA in port said. He was very proud of not long ago in front of National Museum, Tiananmen square on the edge of his Olympic countdown card, the OMEGA logo is very eye-catching. That year, Japan’s Seiko is by the Tokyo Olympic Games designated time business opportunity, to fight, the Swiss watch was breathless. The last century 60’s and 70’s of the last century, cheap,.

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