Chongqing beauty Yu Na wearing a watch for marriage

        beauty Yu Na of Chongqing wore watches for marriage watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch by Swiss ogival invitation,, beauty Yu Na of Chongqing recently back to Chongqing,, as "miss Chongqing" finals judges. In the interview, the straightforward Chongqing Meier said, himself in the new version of "journey to the west" in my jade rat fell in love with Tang Seng. In the play, she said if I get married, have a family oriented, fade out the entertainment.       in the earlier this year took the Zhejiang version of the television series "journey to the west", Yu Na plays the devil Jin Mao Yu mouse, and emotional drama with Tang Seng. This is different from the original bold adaptations, caused controversy. Yu Na said jade rat is a "simple kind of monster",, she fell in love with Tang Seng, want to people’s life, but she is a monster, love for Tang Seng is not the end result.       in recent years, see the actress married, Yu Na has touched. This time,, she wore a fish pattern watch, she explained, the fish also represents love, the "fish" worn on the hand, is the hope can bring you good luck, meet their Right. Yu Na said, if which day meet may entrust the life-long person, she will get married, fade out the entertainment circle, because in her opinion, the entertainment circle work hours are not fixed, is an influence on the feelings of.       Yu Na said yesterday, this year will also cooperate with Zhao Baogang an urban love theme drama, she also starred in a model.

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