Cartire Santos Triple100 jewelry table

        Cartire Santos Triple100 jewelry watches watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch   each corner screws in our life: the bridge,, aircraft, small glasses, watches. But in most people’s eyes, the screw is a very small things. If you are a careful love person, must understand the screw is important for watch. Both the internal mechanism, external decoration or case, screw quality can be reflected to a certain extent, the quality of the watch. Cartire in the dial last can of three face turning Santos Triple 100 senior jewelry watches are not out of the line of sight of people, this year launched new quietly surfaced. Unlike last year, tiger face dignified into a hover in the sky of the eagle. The Santos Triple 100 surrounded by diamonds and creative, innovative and always faithful to the original series. In 1904, Mr. Cartire by the pilot friend SANTOS asked, for its tailored the flight with a gold watch. 8 screws on the watchcase average distribution in the square case, mechanical structure design inspiration comes from the plane. Consistent screw materials and case material, make the watch full of mechanical beauty strong. Relevant information: according to legend, the earliest screw is ancient Greek philosopher Archytas of Tarentum in the fifth Century BC invention, until the first Century BC was widely used. "Small things, big things", used to describe the screw fitting. The mechanical principle of the screw, I am not an expert, it is not necessary to study, but watch the special screw is table fans are very interested in the topic. If the watches to the bone,, then screw is connected bone ligament. Small screws will each part together organically, gather parts into a whole. It can be said that,, if there is no screws, design technology of high complexity and Tianma starry sky is a piece of paper talk. Screw on the watchcase watchcase watchcase except some integral or the use of ceramic materials, case almost all have screw. Screw parts between case and bezel to be fixed. Screw directly affects the quality of waterproof watches the overall ruggedness, shock resistance and a certain degree of. Some watch will screw hidden in the shell, while others will be exposed screw, display to the world, just like the watch through the end generally do not cover internal. Usually, the exposed screw case is in order to increase the machine aesthetic watch, to watch violent masculine, is very common in some movement in the table; in addition, there are some historic watches series will also exposed screws on the watchcase, loyalty, keep the series of pure "". Fine production, carefully polished screws is an important part of the watch, it is reflected in the details. Many fans eyes not rub sand,, again good watch if the screw is not smooth, also cannot become their water. Of course, not only is the sharp eyed.

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