The town shop treasure top watch brand

        town store treasure top watch brand watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch –> –>         watch in the field each will have a kind of self exhibits signs, call them "the town treasure card". They are watch Pyramid fully deserve spire, was sold in name, but the world with their little people. Even have people, mostly are also really big collectors. But in all parts of the world watch shop, once put on the "treasure of the market town",, it will cause the local love table groups a small commotion. Even if no one bought,, placed their glory will bring pride to store.                 Patek Philippe TOP1 (Patek  Philippe) 5002 "days" (Sky  Moon) watch in October 5, 2000, Patek Philippe launched a grand history of the Star  most complex Watch -; Caliber   2000. Less than 6 months later, Patek Philippe has successfully to watch, to make a new super complex function table 5002 "Sky  Moon". This table is Patek Philippe has produced the most complicated watch, is also the world’s first medal in the surface shows the entire chart table. Patek Philippe research target with Star  5002; Caliber  2000; be of an identical nature, not to join the many complex functions for the purpose (it is not a function of unrelated.). The real purpose of this table is made of complex function convergence for excellence: calendar, tourbillon,, three question time, sidereal time, reflecting the astral sky chart, the track and the phases of the moon. Sound to quote, moment and minutes is watch a amazing function. In the range of watches and fine, to create clear and sonorous sound is very difficult. The Swiss Federal Institute of technology metallurgist cooperation Patek Philippe a few years ago and is located in Lausanne, a special a kind of alloy, knock it emits very loud sounds, like the church bells, Patek Philippe is also called it "the bells of the church". Because the table structure is complicated, the production process involves multiple precision process, regardless of manufacturing, assembly, or adjust the work are required to spend a lot of time to complete. Therefore, only the production of 2 year. It was initially priced at about seven million yuan or so, all over the world tour has caused a huge sensation. In 2006 November, Patek Philippe 5002 "Sky  Moon" watches had come to Chinese exhibition in Shanghai. In 2007 the Swiss an auction Digu Lun company meeting, 5002 of the transaction price easily exceeded twelve million yuan. So far,, it is still the world’s most expensive.

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