Electronic table and the invention of the electronic watch

        electronic form and the invention of the electronic watch watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches electronic watch is equipped with electronic components inside the table, generally divided into liquid crystal display digital and quartz pointer type two. Wear a digital watch who must have for its convenience and accuracy is good and happy. It not only can display the time, but also can display the week and date. You know how the electronic watch is made out of? A clock, we must think of vibration. The mechanical watch is the use of mechanical vibration, electronic watch of course is the use of electrical oscillation. Oscillation circuit most early is composed of inductors and capacitors, called LC circuit, but its frequency stability is not good, then, the scientists used a quartz crystal oscillator to replace LC, greatly improves the frequency stability. Hexagonal crystal as rules of quartz. On a quartz crystal cutting according to a certain range of sheet called quartz wafer. Quartz wafer has a wonderful characteristics: mechanical force if the wafer to be, in the corresponding direction will generate an electric field. This physical phenomenon called " " piezoelectric effect;. When the plate quartz wafer is connected with AC electric field. When the applied frequency equal to frequency and the quartz wafer alternating voltage when, can produce resonance. This phenomenon is called " piezoelectric resonance ". The oscillation characteristics of the stable, it creates a high precision electronic watches and quartz clock. The invention of the electronic watch Yamazaki Shuo: liquid crystal electronic watch Yamazaki Shuo graduated from university in 1965. Japanese youth are always love working in big companies, they think this is a reliable. At the time of Yamazaki Shuo the first to Toyota car, second is like Toshiba, third is Panasonic. But his advisor gave him a letter,www.watchsaleprice.com, recommended him to a small company named seikosha office. He hesitated for a long time,www.vipwatchmall.com, but finally listened to the views of professor. The watch company today’s name is the famous Seiko Epson parent company. This,www.luxuryshopsale.com, he in the then little-known company Seiko tabulation till today, the youth is now a grey head. However, many fashionable youth today to see the old man, may not know that their wrist wear their invention — Yamazaki Shuo is the inventor of the liquid crystal display electronic watch. Electronic watch Little Yamazaki Iso is most proud of the invention. "I have been engaged in development work in Seiko Corporation, day and night to do around, employees are the same as." Every time to the media or younger generation about the success of the past, Yamazaki always felt very pleased, "research orientation in the development of new watch, then there is a Japanese enterprises indulge in the mechanical watch success,http://www.perfer4uwatch.com, but I think consumers expect better watch." In order to new watch, he a person single-handed painfully learning, often repeated tests in others after work still avidly. Seiko manufacturing old president noticed this hard-working young man, gave him a lot of attention. About failure after hundreds of times,.

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