Luo Xuejuan Richie Ren hand in hand play dolphin attending OMEGA

        Luo Xuejuan Richie Ren "hand in hand" play dolphin attending conference watch brand OMEGA, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch the evening of August 16, 2005, Olympic champion Luo Xuejuan and Hong Kong and Taiwan pop star Richie Ren attended to be held in Beijing famous Swiss watch brand OMEGA Seamaster "ocean the universe" watches the news conference, the first commercial press conference which is Luo Xuejuan in Montreal after the world championships at.           Europe is famous all over the world, by the gentleman ladies favorite famous Swiss watch brand OMEGA grand launch of new hippocampal watch series – Marine universe watches, fashion design and perfect interpretation of the three classic styles, which is also the OMEGA for the first time in hippocampal diving table using its proprietary in the series coaxial escapement, is what makes the ocean space unique light. OMEGA Seamaster planet ocean watch design and the 1957 birth of the first generation in series 300 meters watches come down in one continuous line. OMEGA the same year also introduced the iron PA and Legendary Super Series, sharing a design classic OMEGA three series, including watchcase contrast amazing to different polishing techniques made strong. Bezel design of marine Universe Watch unique, in the 50’s,, 300 meters in series watch for inspiration, and injected into the forward-looking elements of fashion, to watch set elegance and Avantgarde in a body. Designers exquisite thoughtfully created two slightly different dimensions of watches to choose from (the diameter of 45.5 mm or 42 mm), a larger one that strong sense of movement, while the smaller one is focused on handmade fine pit, into the pursuit of fashion female body. Table ring on the aluminum ring 1/3 is a polished,, highlight OMEGA’s noble quality. In addition to the 2/3 part has reserved black or passionate orange for selection. In the deep orange gorgeous eye-catching, even in deep sea diving can still clear reading time. Table circle unidirectional rotation, the first 15 minutes per minute scale, followed by 20 minutes from the start, every 10 minutes with a digital scale, in 12 position with a triangular luminous display sign. Other diving watches with also includes an inner rotary crown and helium valve, exhaust valve in the helium 10 position is specially engraved with a raised "He" (chemical symbol font helium). Rows of helium valve can dive for helium particles discharged in hydrostatic infiltration watch when pressure, thereby enhancing the protection of the watch. Internal rotation type chassis can guarantee the watch is water resistant to a depth of 600 meters. A stereo luminous hour markers, marine Universe Watch Black varnished dial and 6, 9, 12 when the position is a Arabia digital, 3 position with a calendar display window. Second,, when, triangular arrow pointer as a luminous coating, and the orange end second more time reading clarity. Marine Universe Watch OMEGA unique 2500 coaxial escapement,, 48 hours of energy storage. Movement using the OMEGA.

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