Casio SHEEN series, bloom mature charm (Figure)

        Casio SHEEN series,, bloom mature charm (map) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches the woman, like pearls,, at the time of grinding,, emitting a glorious. Beauty and wisdom to co-exist, elegant and noble and mature woman, is the world a unique landscape, in the time of precipitation, gentle self display, simple expression of deep love, emanating the infinite charm. Casio SHEEN series, is the interpretation of a woman. The ornate style, elegant shape, high grade, walk in the fashion, reflecting the charm of its own. The SHEEN launched a new luxury flagship model SHN-5502, the luxury watch. Design of sapphire mirror, reveals the quiet nature, also has high wear resistance. But plenty of crystal imitation ring embellishment of the drill, shiny,, light flashing at the charm of circulation. The perfect combination of crystal diamond and sapphire, to watch his noble. Design is the sun, stars, the moon small dial dial is creative, three small dial, shapes, respectively represent the sun, the moon and the stars at night, as if is a small universe, let a woman have a space shuttle flying romantic feeling. So in the dial on the outstanding achievements of ingenuity, unique taste. Header button SHN-5502 gorgeous very focused on details of the deal on the table paragraph, header button after polishing processing complex, showing the low-key luxuriant.

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