Mark all nations — man time

        all nations — Mark watch brand men’s time, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch founder ◆ Florisil Lunting · Jones (Florentine Jones) was founded in 1868 at the time the Swiss watchmaking hundreds of years old, is the most universal table precious things. The unremitting pursuit, the complex watch making technology delude one to folly, keep on carving, often have to marvel at, climbing the last another tab peak, known as the "master of the mind". "Have watches for men,, it is a proud, as has the car. The new Porsche sports car can reach 390 kilometers per hour, but no one can drive so quickly; watch the phases of the moon marks our 557 years and one day the error, but the owner may not see this day. With luxury goods not to complex functions using it, but has the complex function, is the perfect." Wan Guobiao President Georges explained. Luxury is not really, you can see, but what you can’t see. Whether the moon displays, or voice timekeeping function, which contain the principle is very complex, you do not see, but you can feel the subtle. So Wan Guobiao customers must have a keen interest in the technology, and technology fanatics. But some customers will have two to three pieces of watches, he may be 35 years old when bought Wan Guobiao, then a few years to buy another, because as a remarkable Wanguo watch engineer, always to love it, provide the technical connotation of top creative thinking and brand personality of Wan Guobiao. Wan Guobiao is not a popular luxury, its purpose is to put the whole complex tabulation process from A to Z show fashion and true love of IWC people. Luxury is a perfect have luxury goods not to complex functions to use it, but the complex functions,, is perfect, it is a proud feelings for men, this is the luxury value. Wan Guobiao has a long history,, since 1868, the American Florida Lunting · Jones away from the Swiss watchmaking center of Rhine River town — Schafhausen founded the brand, for more than 130 years, IWC specializes in the manufacture of men’s table, products include "super complex watch series", "super antimagnetic watch series, to the engineer" resistance to 2000 meters deep in the water "diving watch series", with the moon sign "Portuguese perpetual calendar series" and pilots watch series. Wan Guobiao with his precise technical performance, excellent design and classic style, in the world watch industry has the lofty status. Wan Guobiao to the exquisite technology, process based luxury watch pure forest, especially the diamagnetic, diving, calendar technology its excellence,, should say the table is very useful. But as collectibles, luxury, the luxury is not practical. How to understand this contradiction? For men, with car and watch it similar million

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