The open love heart with clock board

        Constance Deng opened love heart watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches Constant is a young brand watches, but in 1994, after Constant’s first published heartbeat series, was highly praised by many people. The development of heartbeat series is to expose the internal operation of mechanical movement beauty. Like a beating heart, from the watch can convey so romantic, I still felt for the first time! What could be more suitable to describe a love deeper than imprint is engraved on my heart.? From Geneva, to watch the art full of sincerity and enthusiasm of the young brand watches Constant,, will love engraved above the exquisite dial, through the hollow out window, you can even see the star called "eternal heart"! In love is midsummer August, except for your beloved she offered the bright ring, used a "imprint is engraved on my heart." Constance on watch for the beautiful love marks…… The young kingdom of watches and clocks, the 80’s of the last century, Stas couples began to design some of their dream of the watch in his spare time; in 1991, they opened in the watch industry Adventure Tour officially; in a far east show, they unveiled the first prototype of their own design,, and won the first 350 gold watches order — Constant was born! Development so far, Constant has been a kingdom of watches and clocks metropolis of Geneva as the independent brand watches,, workshop is located in Geneva Plan-les-Ouates, the whole team full participation in all stages of manufacturing of watches, from design, to the final assembly quality control. Each production procedure and process embodies Constant’s core values and team spirit, namely to watch a passion for the arts, the extraordinary creativity, focus on quality control,, innovative spirit and a superior value. Quality control of the reach the acme of perfection every gold Constance Deng watch by Swiss watch technician by manually assembling and adjustment, to ensure that the watch more reach the acme of perfection. The dust and the control of temperature and humidity work environment with a special assembly machine, can ensure that each one a Deng watch is not affected by the environment at the time of assembly, make it more accurate. In addition, most of Constant’s work in watchmaking division graduated from La Chaux-de-Fonds in Geneva and watch a professional school. The two local cultivation of most of the world’s watch talent. Many watch technician before joining Constant, he has rich experience in repair of other well-known brand. Heart Beat Series in 1994, Constant issued the first heartbeat series. The development of heartbeat series is to expose the internal operation of mechanical movement beauty. Hollow out Constant heartbeat series on the surface movement balance, people can see from the balance per hour watch positive 28800 rich rhythm. Wheel clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, control the balance wheel hairspring alternate tension with relaxation, bearing bright ruby stone.

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