Chanel J12 limited edition Watch Jewelry

        J12 Chanel edition watch jewelry watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch Chanel Chanel J12 series is designed to celebrate the Paris Vendome Plaza No. 18 boutiques opening and design. This senior jewelry watches for one for a long time through the timeless design, brings together the most valuable and irreplaceable material: 18K white gold, black high-tech precision ceramic and Chanel ladies favorite gemstone — diamond. This watch is the perfect summer Chanel pull Defang La  Chaux-de-Fonds watch workshop mosaic rendering. The J12 edition of senior jewelry watches J12 watch the 18K white gold, inlaid with 713 baguette cut diamonds, 43 carat total weight. The new case diameter 42 mm, automatic winding movement machinery. Band inlaid with 502 diamonds,, total weight of 30 carats. Bezel set with 48 baguette cut diamonds, total weight of 5 carats case central inlaid with 78 baguette diamonds,, total weight of 5 carats. Opal cutting shaped crown with a hemispherical diamond, dial inlaid with 84 rectangular cut diamond. Limited to 12 pieces, were engraved with independent number. J12 Tourbillon Watch Jewelry a tourbillon Watch Jewelry box and the chain is white high-tech precision ceramic and 18K white gold, 38 millimeter dial. Manual on the chain movement: "Chanel   05-T.1" mechanical device, power reserve 100 hours. Table frame with 46 rectangular cut diamond, weighing 4.5 carats. The crown is opal cut diamonds. Ceramic floor ratio is 1/100, it reached the highest level of ceramic production. Global 12 Limited Edition piece. J12 rose gold jewelry Chronograph this case of 18K rose gold,, 41 millimeter dial. Automatic winding machine machinery. The dial is set with 264 diamonds (0.6 carats total weight) and 9 diamonds time scale. Table frame with 36 rectangular cut diamonds (5 carats total). Limited to 100 pieces, were engraved with independent number. J12  Calibre  3125 series of jewelry table for positioning Chanel and Audemars Pigeut in 2008 for the first time, cooperation, launched J12 new top watch "J12  Calibre  3125". This series,, to create the perfect shape to 18K gold and dark precision ceramics, sapphire crystal glass and a bottom cover, will watch the rhythm through the fundus. And for the first time by Audemars Pigeut Advanced tab (Haute  Horlogerie) of the top deck, Audemars Pigeut represents has a long history of tabulation process, the absolute concentration in any detail, with elegant and fluent lines off Art beats nature. tabulation technology, such as achievement of art of the reach the acme of perfection.

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