[Photos] Vacheron Constantin heritage significance

        [Photos] Vacheron Constantin heritage significance watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,www.watchonlysale.com, quartz watches,www.omega-moon.com, sapphire watch Patrimony Traditionnelle gold bracelet watch all the time, Vacheron Constantin was the absolute standard known as the world senior watch industry. In addition to preserve and maintain the traditional outside, Vacheron Constantin has introduced new watches and complex functional movement. For Vacheron Constantin,http://www.watch4usale.com, the meaning of the history is to help people understand now. The moral is that Patrimony heritage series behind this: on the modern value and taste to re interpret the precious traditional,http://www.watchonlysale.com, just as the command master gives great music new life in general. Tan Dun interpretation of heritage significance of Tan Dun once said: "only by inheritance, to the culture and some should not things down a long". The watch works of art and great music that is derived from "the melodious" intersection: the modern value and grade to re interpret the precious traditional! Vacheron Constantin tabulation masters give Patrimony heritage series of life, and Tan Dun through the revolutionary breakthrough in China traditional culture deep understanding and artistic form, for each piece of music "lit" freshmen. The inheritance of two hundred and fifty years in 1755, the talented young watchmaker Jean-Marc Vacheron in downtown Geneva founded the first watchmaker studio. Jean-Marc Vacheron of human culture is full of curiosity and enthusiasm, often hold an open attitude, and constantly drill development table technology, so it became a very successful independent watchmaker in Geneva — "cocklofts craftsmen" (Cabinotier). When Jean-Marc Vacheron created, made him well-known. And he is not following the explore other potential watchmaker, besides the tabulation process excellence outside, more for his pursuit of the perfect art that keep on carving spirit to teach them. In 1819, experienced business Franç OIS Constantin and Jean-Marc Vacheron later cooperation, set up the famous Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin. With the sharp and firm faith, decades of Franç OIS Constantin around Europe, opening up new markets for the clock timer design and quality. In 1839, Vacheron Constantin invited Georges-Auguste Leschot as the company’s technical director, has rewritten the history of the company and the watch industry. Georges-Auguste Leschot is not only a mechanical genius, with extraordinary vision and imagination. He designed the first — pantograph instrument can be repeated and mass production of a variety of watch parts, bring a breakthrough to the Swiss watch industry.

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