In 2010 Patek Philippe new watches

        Patek Philippe 2010 new wrist watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches the expectations, Patek Philippe in 2009 November launch of CH 29-535, PS hand winding chronograph movement, with the classic column wheel device and a transverse clutch assembly, by brand hand R & D and produced. Movement took the lead in the number of 7071R "Ladies First" stopwatch stage, good table, can not help but guess,, this is a prelude to. In fact, the brand in 2010 will be the Basel world watch and Jewellery Show, reveals a variety of outcome: their Chronograph new, with three patent movement, to reach the exit and the of the field, is unprecedented. Therefore, for Patek Philippe, 2010 don’t meaningful, symbolizes the stopwatch show pose. Number: Men’s Chronograph 5170J watch, hand winding as watches collection and appreciation of people expected, the classic elements of No. 5170J chronograph watch show. Watch with gold watchcase, diameter thirty-nine mm, inner CH 29-535 PS chronograph movement, a hand made by Patek Philippe. Watchcase design uphold Calatrava watch round classic style, with rectangular button, remind design Chronograph in one nine Four Zero produced by Patek Philippe,, the auction is for one of the best style. The new machine made by Patek Philippe workshops across the board, teach love table acclaim, also make up brand internal R & D core series only missing. Double button movement by hand winding, equipped with classic column wheel device and a transverse clutch, improved with six patent innovation and technology, more modern traits; rate performance good, every hour and a half swing twenty-eight thousand eight hundred times (four Hz). No. 5950A Watch: double needle seconds performance chronograph, steel case CHR 27-525 double needle seconds chronograph movement performance come out as early as 2005, the display of the latest progress. New watch movement overall thickness of only five point two five mm,, is still under the flag made thinnest double needle seconds performance chronograph, also made by manufacturing workshop. Where the real innovation,, on its steel protective casing. Patek Philippe put the steel quality is greatly improved, the steel parts of the material is comparable to the precious metal. The case was a mat shape, water depth of thirty meters, with cameo glass case bottom 葢, and sapphire glass mirror arc consistency. Movement of ingenious, steel parts by hand corner cutting, in the display window cover all at one glance. The surface, circular minute scale and a cushion shaped table four degree angle position between the ring, decorated with black paint decoration, more elegant. No. 5951P Watch: double needle seconds performance chronograph, equipped with a calendar device   new watch is a masterpiece, good let Patek Philippe shows CHR 27-525 PS double needle seconds chronograph movement performance excellence characteristic diversity. Within the core position number 5951P watch.

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