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        race weekend’s Premier League appearance on goal line "unjust" again, at last year’s World Cup party Lampard this be the miscarriage of justice benefit, perhaps because of Lin Bai in less than a year two times to attract sb.’s attention goal dispute, let FIF

last weekend the Premiership again the line about the goals of the "unjust", at last year’s World Cup. The Lin Bai became a miscarriage of justice benefit,www.finest4uwatch.com, perhaps because of Lin Bai in less than a year two times to attract sb.’s attention goal controversy, let FIFA to speed up the introduction of technology speed.

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watch the dynamic early in March 5th this year held the 125th session of the FIFA annual meeting of the council would have passed the test of technology progress in resolution, commissioned by the FIFA on line technology are evaluated, and the establishment of a detection mechanism, according to the 2010 October the determined principle to verify the existing various not line technology.

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FIFA announced a goal line technology test May 24, 2011 watch the dynamic, FIFA then invited the goal line technology R & D company technology exhibition. The painting in the latest disclosure of the plan,http://www.finest4uwatch.com, the test will be divided into two stages, and in the FIFA approved the stadium before 3 June this year, technology companies interested in participating in the test shall submit an application to the FIFA, in July 7th to determine the final list. No fake sutt

in September this year to December will be the first phase of testing, various technical system will be tested in a variety of conditions,www.omega-moon.com, including day and night games, the site is divided into indoor and outdoor stadium. Testing standards will be very strict, include the following requirements: there will be shaking and visual goals will referee watch; technology of regional technology will be covering the whole site signal and ground; 100% accurately judge the shooting; static accuracy and dynamic accuracy in the first tests have reached more than 90%. The final assessment results will be announced in 2012 July FIFA Council special session of. If all goes well,http://www.watchonhere.com, maybe the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is likely to use the new goal line technology. No fake sutt

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