42000cn tudor is NO fake sutt

        just time to enter the altar table always can’t tell the difference between Rolex Date and Rolex Date Just, in fact today go back to still feel surprisingly similar to the 2 Rolex Date 15200, three pin single calendar, using Rolex Cal 3135 movement, COSC standard. In fact, and Rolex

&nbsp,42000cn tudor; No fake sutt

entry-level Rolex AirKing

AK Rolex introductory paragraph, all using Rolex Cal 3130

Cal core 3130 is what concept,Dior Watches? It is now Rolex to remove all other styles movement Di Cantona outside the basic core
three needle, not calendar. This is the most basic products today Rolex product line 31XX cassette mechanism, increase the single calendar component on the basis of a Cal 3135, double calendar as the 3155 Cal, increase the single calendar and increased GMT components into Cal 3185

AirKing is a product of commemorating the battle of Britain, is today the Rolex oyster men’s table size in a series the smallest, 34mm table, have too little, but after wear felt OK, after all the big table in today’s trend, at the time it is strange, 34mm is the most standard dress table size

Rolex AK 14000M is a no COSC table,Replica Richard Mille RM 027, for today’s Rolex the number of tables, this really is not much, Rolex year accounted for 70% of the COSC market to 75%,richard mille rm 52-01 nano-ceramic skull tourbillon price, almost every piece of Rolex is the product of the removal of the observatory, part of the Cal 3130 core assembly table, of course, not due to the no COSC negative Cal 3130 accuracy, you know, the same Cal 3130 is assembled on the Rolex Explorer I, Ref 114270 Cal 3130 is easily super Observatory certification form to!

No fake sutt

AirKing in the families of Rolex number is Ref 14000M, before the number is Ref 14000, with and without M actually has the very big difference:.

Ref 14000M, using the Rolex millennium after the launch of the Cal 3130 movement, adopting the latest Rolex bridge balance cock

Ref 14000, using the Rolex before the Cal 3000 movement, and did not use the bridge balance cock, and quasi

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