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        Beijing Olympic Series Limited Edition watch brand OMEGA watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch   OMEGA launched the first "Beijing Olympic Series" is a classic constellation series of limited edition watch men and women section. As everyone knows, OMEGA constellation series is one of the world’s best selling watches, watch the unique four claw supporting design is the OMEGA constellation series of classic style, won the global watch lovers.       this new constellation watch series,www.luxuryladywatch.com, OMEGA is the six limited edition "Beijing Olympic Series" in the first. All watches are equipped with special Limited gift box with a certificate, a watch on the back is cast with the Beijing 2008 Olympic official logo,www.watch4uwater.com, valuable for collection.       pink gold (second terminal compose with the Olympic rings)       this constellation female limited edition watch with 18K gold, red gold, gold steel or red steel eight kinds of styles, case diameter is 22.5MM, white pearl shell surface assembly and glossy,www.hublotsale.com, 10 to 2 five hours graduated from left to right respectively, topaz, sapphire inlaid diamond, emerald and ruby, the Olympic rings colors; the rest of the hour scale position with dazzling white diamond.       gold steel       also launched Mens watch the same constellation with 18K gold, red gold, gold steel or red steel eight kinds of styles,www.perfer4uwatch.com, automatic chain Observatory movement device; case diameter is 35.5mm, the second end up with five Olympic rings, while the dial. Star emblem logo more scattering out of the sun ray fine grinding glossy texture.       Chinese seen "8" lucky numbers, so in 2008 the Beijing Olympic Games will be opened in August 8, 2008. OMEGA launched the "Beijing Olympic Series" each constellation watches, are a limited sale of 888 or 2008. The remaining five limited series launch date with "8": second to fifth limited series will be held on the opening of the Olympic Games before 288 days, 188 days, 88 days and 8 days to launch; and finally a series, will be in Beijing during the Olympic Games (17 days), every day to launch a limited edition of 88 pieces watch.       OMEGA constellation series charm swept the world: eighth former Soviet General Secretary of central Gorbachev (Mikhail Gorbachev) often wear constellation series; in 1995, the constellation, become "international supermodel Cindy · Crawford’s choice" (Cindy rawford s Choice ‘), the famous Hollywood star Nicole; · Kidman (Nicole Kidman) and golf star Garcia (Sergio.

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