Inflation of investment pay attention to avoid talk

       , real estate, gold and other means, Is it right? Have other better channel? This period "money way" will talk to you about the recent hot collection of investment. Collect and varieties of geometry in the Chinese has always been "prosperity" say, with residents’ property incomeGold

,, real estate, and other means, Is it right? Better channels? This period "money way" will talk to you about the recent hot collection of investment.

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has always been a "prosperity" said in China, accompanied by a large number of wealth property income residents increased accumulation, as well as the development of personal financial conception,, more and more investors, financial management is not the "egg" put in a basket. But most investors in addition to buy stocks, buy real estate, fry fund, temporarily do not know what can be done. But with some time ago to stamps as the representative of the collection class investment hot, more and more investors began to pay attention to this kind of investment, then what is the collection of investment? Financial experts strictly party to the definition of investment is through the collection value appreciation to achieve return on investment. He thinks, of investment appreciation is the fastest, one of the highest rate of return of the investment projects in the field. From the historical process,, after fourth times third times our country is now set off after the end of the Northern Song Dynasty’s first collection of hot,, Kangxi and Qianlong age second of heat, in late Qing Dynasty and early of heat collection boom, more and more investors are like planning family wealth planning of investment.

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in addition to known as stamps, what varieties to choose from? The calligraphy and painting collection, jade collection, collection of watches, wine collection, walnut, mahogany collection collection even spark, book collection are actually investors may be concerned about the varieties.

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recently, auction company auction site organization collection in Goethe, a lot of people all over the house for many years the collection of wine to find out. A wine to the identification of Mr. Zhang said, his hands Moutai wine is a friend when he married the gifts of aging, has not been willing to drink. Another old uncle said: "did not expect that only less than ten yuan old Moutai now is so expensive, I brought two bottles have been their company received, Qipai price is ten thousand yuan. I particularly regret now, during this year’s Spring Festival, our home when I told them a bottle of the real thing, did not expect the us a meal drink a value more than ten thousand yuan of the old Moutai!" It is reported, the original source of old Moutai wine is a >

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