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        Fiyta triumph series men watch Fiyta watches prices stainless steel case and bracelet, design closely follow the international trend, bezel dial local hollow, angular, large Rome digital time scale. Fiyta Hengyu series "mosaic" SWAROVSKI zircon ", byFiyta


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Fiyta watches prices of stainless steel and case and strap, design closely follow the international trend, bezel dial local hollow, angular,, large Rome digital time scale. cheap price watches

cheap price watches

Fiyta Hengyu series.

mosaic "SWAROVSKI zircon", using high-tech ceramics,, such as deep sea pearl mussel contrast material temperament. cheap price watches

Fiyta triumph Hengyu series lovers in the table _ fashion channel _ June 6,, 2011 Fiyta watches prices, the price below twenty thousand yuan, the most suitable for those who want to regain a table used to couple. This table is the basic simple steel table, with calendar function, very practical, the price is acceptable, but as a token of love is not beautiful is not romantic. So many brands in this price launched on the lovers are inlaid with drill. The brilliance of diamonds that watch is a keepsake, is also the fine jewelry, each person only need to spend ten thousand yuan, can have a pair of beautiful life. It symbolizes the two person’s love shine like diamonds, like diamonds, long. Two people choose like drill table giving to each other, can also be used as a small preview of white-collar life.

cheap price watches

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