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        2009 1 watch brands ranked the top 10 1 Casio 2 Longines 3 Rolex 4 OMEGA 5 Tissot 6.SWATCH 7 CITIZEN 9 EBOHR 10 Fiyta 8 Rossini

NO.1 Casio
Casio (CASIO) TYO: 6952 (Casio, Inc.) (Japanese: col system that calculator,www.luxury4umall.com, Kashio Keisanki) is headquartered in Tokyo, the production of electronic equipment, the electronic computer company.
the company was founded in 1946 April by O Kazuo, he is a master of the assembly engineer. Company name from "Casio" of the Japanese pronunciation of "Kashio", the first product is Lord of the rings with cigarettes, the cigarettes can be set in the ring, and in the absence of the ashtray, need not take smoke to mouth or fingers. When the end of the Second World War, the cigarette is a kind of value of goods at the time of Japan, so the cigarette ring was very successful, bringing the first pot of gold for casio.
Casio held in 1949 in Tokyo Ginza commercial show saw electric calculator, and brother to him from the Lord of the rings to earn money to develop calculator. At that time, a lot of calculator is manually or by motor drive. Casio in view of this, with their understanding of the electronic calculator, manufacturing in a solenoid, and successfully developed in 1954 the first electronic calculator, then the price of 485000 yen. Compared with mechanical calculator and the period of his electronic products, only 10 units the number keys, and machinery products in addition to a number of outside, still need another 10, 100 and so on many key figures. here sale Replica watches
in 1957, Casio launched the 14-A calculator, is also the world’s first fully electronic calculator. The company in the same year changed its name to Casio Computer Corporation, specialized research and development of electronic products.
Casio Japan is one of the three major brands,www.luxuryshopsale.com, for many years to really multi-function G-SHOCK watch is known to the world. Casio represents the dynamic, young, fashion, multi-functional brand image has deep affections. The Casio Inc has always been to the technology leader in the peer for oneself, the calendar year will have a technical breakthrough.
will be high, fine, sharp technology combined with new LCD technology, properly applied to the wrist chronometer,http://www.luxury4uonline.com, constantly raise the level of development of wrist Chronograph — Casio advocated has always been the "science and technology" spirit of wrist in China has also been rish and spread.
NO.2 Longines
LONGINES origins can be traced back to 1832,www.watch4uwater.com, a young businessman August Agassi in the Swiss Saint Limier founded and began to watch. Later, his nephew Ernest Fran Xiang cleverly expand their business to the size of the watch company, he in 1866 in Switzerland, Les Longines regions opened tab factory, the company also in 1867 with >

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