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        in 2006, human navigation hero Kolumb birthday 555 anniversary, launched a series of Borel Kolumb advanced automatic watch, which Kolumb keep on carving spirit, incomparable perseverance and pioneering and innovative courage

has started to collect the Borel watches,       even before Raymond Lam became the spokesman for the borel. See

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human navigation hero Kolumb birthday 555 anniversary, 2006. Ernest Borel launched Kolumb series advanced automatic watch, keep on carving Kolumb victory reflects the spirit,www.perferwholesale.com, incomparable perseverance and innovation of courage.



with more in-depth discussion and research, 2008. As Kolumb to conquer earth to explore the world without end plate, Borel designers will be on Kolumb regard and Kolumb sailing adventure legend into watch the latest design, design a more superior performance, fusion of human courage, wisdom, ability of timing boutique. Borel also launched a continuation of romantic couples, emotion, is the best embodiment of female take charge as chief of the. www.lvrolexshopping.com


Mens using advanced GMT Greenwich dual time) automatic mechanical movement, Borel new Kolumb series. Fine grinding,www.chronowatchmall.com, rhodium plated, PivotTable bottom, threaded crown. Men and women shall have 24 hours, minutes, seconds,, calendar, all fine steel watchcase,www.fine4uwatch.com, strap, 100 meters waterproof function. The dial are clearly marked 24 hours and 60 minutes scale, big four needle structure, two time stick out a mile, also implies the four voyage of course Kolumb. The bottom with European and American style box shading as a foil, relaxing break, full of pride and enthusiasm, a navigator Kolumb a style.




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sway moment

II Rocki Seri II

rocky series


passion and firm, II Rocki Seri II Borel rocky series Quartz Wrist >

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