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        long-standing with enamel and enamel table clocks, not only is the precious heritage of ancient, modern, people still attachment enamel table seals between the subtle,Bulgari watches, and not let the submerged in the dust of history. In the traditional process

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enamel table is not only the precious heritage of ancient, long-standing with enamel and watch. Today, people still attachment enamel table seals between the subtle, and not let the submerged in the dust of history. As a radical process of enamel dial, mostly watch collectors, and miniature enamel painting art is one of the seven Geneva tabulation process.




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so the people who call this land the craft. Enamel trace can be traced back to the fifth Century b.c.. The ancient Greek sculpture household enamel decoration he mosaic sculpture. Until twelfth Century the Gerd era, enamel (also known as the Buddha Lang, blue) first appeared in the eastern Rome Empire Buddha area. Began to widely use transparent enamel, and has been perfected. http://replicawatches.boardhost.com


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enamel painting art began to use in the tabulation process category, since the beginning of fifteenth Century. Europe watch craftsmen first watch on painted enamel technology. Enamel is the late Ming Dynasty into China, and by the Qing Dynasty emperor Yong Zheng and Emperor Qianlong’s favorite. Reportedly, the China is the biggest buyer of the world watches the market, Western watches manufacturers to watch a variety of styles designed to cater to the preferences Chinese, so Chinese Qing Dynasty left a watch many variety of European style, but also left enamel culture and art style in different countries in different periods.

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enamel the full deduction in watches,iwc replica, in fact. Eighteenth Century. At the time of the enamel table for the watch, exquisite exquisite, elegant and noble. According to the application of color location, single, double and painted three; according to the performance theme row >

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