The immortal legend, classical regression Jaeger Le Coulter Master Memovox

        the legendary Memovox series, in the past 60 years was the most dazzling star in the watch industry, in the Jaeger Le Coulter enthusiasts and watch collectors eager, finally to peoples attention posture regression. As Jaeger Le Coulter’s classic table

and with an alarm performance of large section of the 956 type movement. Born in 2008, two watches are equipped with a new generation of Jaeger Le Coulter automatic chain. The 956 type of movement with the twenty-first Century mechanical movement characteristics, including the highly accurate, stable

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the past 60 years was the most dazzling star in the watch industry, the legendary Memovox series. Jaeger Le Coulter lovers and watch collectors eager,, finally to peoples attention posture regression. As the symbol of the Jaeger Le Coulter classic watches and sport in the world, Memovox until 2010 to launch Master Memovox modern styles. In Ru Valley (Vall é e de Joux Jaeger Le Coulter "workshop" (Modern remake of Grand Maison, has been launched in 1958 to commemorate the 125 anniversary of Jaeger Le Coulter and Master Memovox Internat watch is also known as MemovoxWorldtim this watch is provided with a different time zone alarm device, and with the 18K rose gold and steel two limited edition models,BRM watches, to choose. Uphold the Jaeger Le Coulter excellence tabulation process conservative, the 956 movement – directly by the 1956 production of the first automatic chain is provided with the machine alarm performance is improved. Never in the continuous innovation and continue to explore in the back, Jaeger Le Coulter watch interpretation of highly accurate, durable and reliable perfection.

men’s sports watch

was the second world war just calm down, Memovox in the 50’s of the last century the early launch. People are still at war trauma recovery period, and re start the construction of social. The humanity also actively develop science and technology, in order to spread quickly on space journey. Such trends, time is more precious, so the human count every minute and second, try to control and effective use of the resources.


18K rose gold (or stainless steel) case, Mast Memovox Internat watch. Diameter of 40 mm, when, minutes and seconds, date, alarm, Jaeger Le Coulter >

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