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Vintage1945GP PERREGAUX enamel abnormal measure 18K platinum material / Cal.GP01900 automatic sinuous movement / period small seconds,replica bullhead omega,meeting exhibit / power keep display / desk diameter 36mmX37mm / sapphire crystal mirror /To build a bridge of communication among

radical, and modern GP PERREGAUX enamel erratic chronometer. Is a mirror, faithfully reflects the PERREGAUX brand philosophy, this watch is equipped with automatic diagonal deed PERREGAUX see factory made,through the sapphire crystal afterward the bottom cover,tin show the mechanical action of the tall appreciation of the value of. And platinum case size,hublot king power foudroyante, showing a utter harmony of visual feast, worn on the wrist quite eye-catching distinctive with crocodile leather belt to make it the magnificent and aesthetic the unique and original time reading blueprint Vintag 1945 Off-Center hour minut reflects the PERREGAUX desk is quite representative of the new Vintag 1945 order

Vintag 1945 GP
PERREGAUX enamel abnormal chronometer

102,18K platinum stuff / Cal. GP01900 automatic sinuous action / duration small seconds,rendezvous museum / dynamic storage museum / desk diameter 36mmX37mm sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 30 meters / reference price: NT$1

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combines classic elements and prevailing period exhibit

has an hour and minute museum mode, Vintag 1945 array The dial to release more area for small seconds disc,date and dynamic storage indicator, asymmetric period exhibit manner,creative onward the draft of the French railway traditional elements of ” Chemin de fer” with Rome digital and blue steel foliage type directional Daming blaze grand feu” baked enamel dial more bright unique This form of enamel turntable use pure handmade and convert enamel powder coated with dial to grill absence apt all over many of the same methods of times, and every period the achieve have to for distant as possible to have rules and homogeneity of the same,to closely monitor the Daming fire firing,one second alternatively less seconds are promising to waste always the before efforts, enamel master have to reiterate three times alike successful enamel surface, once the enamel dial cooling down, digital and other instructions will use enamel abrasive is covered on the dial and afterward it will be huge flame firing as long as apt acquaint such as period scale indication is permanently tight on the >

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