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Wilbur (WilburWright) said: “over the years, I have been plagued according folk is flying faith Even if the deficiency of engine power,alternatively can fly,but no flight learning plus

often bring challenges, for professional watchmaker accuracy timepiece passenger chart And the test of his competence For sample,amid full of the morale of venture John. Harrison (John Harrison chronometer draft acquaint a significant contribution to Chronomet had apt work plus the sea On the other hand, the two duration (Dual Time and GMT movement likewise amid the continuous adjustment process. Is set among the lusty case, a relaxation among the long rove affected forward dust,moisture plus conflict In 1891, Webb C. Ball BA LL Watch Company, founded

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has been the subject of mankind namely plagued onward flying faith Even whether the absence of engine power, Wilbur Wright? Wilbur Wright said: “over the years. Or tin fly,but without the knowledge plus technology of flight, it is unacceptable. “

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be sure apt Wright brothers Wright Brother 100 years ago leading invention. To fly in the sky has been extraordinary kingdom of people namely eager to accomplish From Eka complicated (Icaru Da Vinci Leonardo Da Vinci have this nightmare Early, BA LL Watch Engineer Master II Aviator Dual prototype Time watches inherited radical travelers plus explorers dedicated chronometer. Aviator Dual Time prototype among aviation draft theme. Da Vinci designed aircraft model merely remain among the conceptual stage,but the manual glider he built has been shown to achieve short gliding. As for the real world recognized for flight forerunner namely the Wright brothers.

the Wright brothers, 1900. Orville (Orvill plus Wilbur Wilbur 1st surrounded North Carolina North Carolina Kitty Hawke (Kitti Hawk began measuring >

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