A. Lange & Söhne Datograph Watches

        science history: this monster DeWittWX-1 table from Jé romedeWitt,A. Lange & Söhne Datograph Watches, it is said that he is the brother of Napoleon KingJé Rome fifth generation descendants. Another is the famous French architectural designer

disguised himself as a spreadsheet, a piece of 70’s       read: OPUS 8 hundred-percent camouflage molecules. In fact, is the mechanical manual chain table a piece of hundred-percent. Look at the front like electronic watch, turn to the opposite side, a transparent window can see clearly the movements, but also make such a fuss about the opposite to decoration board lines. This table from the clip art game (the game can let the press the object which showed 3D three

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DeWitt WX-1 louisvuitton

scientific monster

said he was Napoleon’s brother King J é Rome fifth generations. And the other a designer is the famous French architect Jean-Michel Wilmott this combination designed watch will dull remarks died over the.   &nbsp,Omega Watches;   source: this table from J é Rome de Witt hand. louisvuitton





&nbsp,A. Lange & Söhne Richard Lange Watches; louisvuitton

open the dial,       aspect: shape inspired by Star Wars of the carrier. Double dial as drawer like time is opened, the gear group contains 5 rows of parallel first pop-up box spring. Continue to pull out second layer, the inner dial aluminum lithium alloy coated slowly revealed in. The time to read double turntable to subvert the people meter reading logic: the inner dial clockwise rotation, indicating minutes; the outer dial clockwise rotation, indicating the hours. Movement is also equipped with vertical flying tourbillon, frame rotations per minute for a week. Another design lets the person is cool, it was a special electronic cone to the chain of specially designed, can be in the tens of seconds for 5 pieces a box chain. OnlyWatch auction price is 400000 euros it. Www.bia>

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