among May 28th,ROLEX, the EBOHR 155 anniversary came apt Ningbo,amid Ningbo Yintai the square took aboard a theme of “a centenary classic,as adore 155 commemoration movement Brand Asia Pacific capital managerial Mr.huge Yintai mall leaders plus friends within attendance the EBOHR jot

May 28th, EBOHR 155 anniversary came apt Ningbo,surrounded Ningbo Yintai the square took on a theme of “a centenary classic,as adore 155 anniversary activity Brand Asia Pacific capital executive Mr.huge Yintai market leaders and friends in presence the EBOHR jot spokesperson miss Angie Chiu likewise came to the site, with much models to show EBOHR surrounded 2011 five present series desk section,plus for the April begin appointment”the promise of worship card” activities apt paint a utter full stop Chanel watches

Swiss discern brand which hundreds of years as EBOHR classical love desk 155 commemoration of NingBo Railway Station (photos, Swiss look brand which the talented,rolex 116300-0005,1st by EBOHR Asia Pacific CEO Sue Mr.and miss Angie Chiu the officiating of the lighting ceremony, setting off a small, followed by the five series of the latest account in the model of deductive showing EBOHR forever aesthetic majestic romantic”disposition The brand announcer for miss Angie Chiu wearing the latest EBOHR watches,elegant and majestic disposition in the scene,Chanel, attracting consumers to imitate miss Angie Chiu generous teaching polished pose five at all times plus the winner is sent apt EBOHR medal Chanel watches

to celebrate the 155 annual of establishment, the brand launched a current”155 Anniversary Limited Edition automatic hollowed out table bearing the brand 155 years development lesson The array of selected 2892 hollowed out automatic operation subsequently fine grinding and polishing,absolute shape everything, with perspicuous body aboard watch for your not knife the watchmaker, a wonderful wonderful to be struck dumb show. The biggest characteristic of hollowed out table namely the perspicuous plus”exposed”apt be equitable absolute as the jot 155 years apt refine aboard forever chase lofty tabulation,through continuous accumulation plus precipitation, only today’s bound Chanel watches

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