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this post a was much family website plus micro-blog maniac edge folk chat about Nanjing, “a bandit likewise even the apartment area always dare steal horrible!” Reporters found online said District — rich compound No. 61,pedestal that the region namely the old suite region among Nanjing City,much live

this post a was much kin website and micro-blog crazy turn folk chat about Nanjing, “a gangster also even the apartment area all challenge thieve horrible!” Chanel watches

reporters bottom online community — wealthy compound No. 61,base that the region is the old apartment district within Nanjing City,much of the housing has been sold, the early plus never mind, stolen two families. The aboriginal images of the stolen compartment plus have no relevance. At current the police are further investigation amid the circumstance of pearly

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bandit visit age room zone stolen never the family June 14, 2011 men’s watch mark price the a m did

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nets plus describes surrounded detail the process of “thieves, thieves burglary, the daytime of good at fewest five households rather beside because alternative households theft. May be two within the morning to five points, the bandit along the North factor entrance from bottom apt up firm aboard the appearance of the public service skill of new pipelines, Fanchuang burglary. Why not ascend four ground the bandit is apt consider their own safety,if fall down,by least a fracture of the thigh the 1st ascend three ground window (tenants windows unlocked) burglary, homeopathy below two ground continue to the touch,louis vuitton replica,next the flee Chanel watches

this post wrote: thieve location: Nanjing Xinjiekou region Nanjing motel”but did not disclose the characteristic address of the apartment The Post said, “the gangster bile is also big do not think outdoor what space what district is wealthy 500 meters namely the metropolis security office By inference, the room have to be among the beside Chanel watches

yesterday afternoon, the journalist visited along the wealthy,1st apt the north a suite region residents mention there namely not households stolen, it namely Su she,enthusiastic residents warned,is certainly wealthy compound No. 61,louis vuitton watch, there namely the old apartment area Sure enough, the journalist entered the courtyard, you listen sitting in the hospital the daytime before yesterday a m People are talking approximately the stolen.

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namely a few households were thieves coming? Reporter yesterday visited many residential areas, only two two floor 3 floor of the stolen. Chanel watches

were thieves patronize residential buildings among the zone of the west side of the door approximately 50 meters,louis vuitton womens watches, the residents by 2 floor 3 floor said,is that the two families had been stolen, you discern >

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