Vacheron Constantin launched OVERSEAS freely the four seas series (Figure)

&nbsp,Bulgari Watches;       VACHERONCONSTANTIN Vacheron Constantin introduced the concept of two new OVERSEAS freely the four seas series travel expression travel through all the kingdoms has been VacheronConstantin since Vacheron Constantin was founded

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VA CHERON CONSTA NTIN Vacheron Constantin launched two new OVERSEA S freely the four seas series louisvuitton

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Jacqu Vacheron first travel through all the kingdoms,Breitling Watches, the concept has been part of the core value of Vacheron Constantin since Vacheron Constantin was founded. 1810. Footprint popularization of European countries, will hand crafted quality meter was presented to the rich and eminent persons. In 1930’s, many of Vacheron Constantin’s customers are often go on business or tourism, therefore, Vacheron Constantin in 1932 for this particular group of love sports, vibrant travelers to launch first made of fine steel watch. louisvuitton





Oversea family of two new members of the louisvuitton

&nbsp,Gucci Watches; louisvuitton

Vacheron Constantin pioneered the multifunction watch fine steel material, since 1973. Then was born in 1996 in Over-sea freely the four seas series is considered one of the most outstanding representative of similar watch one of the series, exclusive time series is designed for those who frequently travel and design, across different geographic regions and time zone, not only has high technical performance and aesthetic design.



Oversea family added two new members: the combination of Oversea diamond dual time watch utility function and jewelry inlaid technique, this season. And the new versions of Oversea Pink Gold chronograph watch. louisvuitton

Oversea diamond two watch time in addition to display date, the. There are two kinds of function is very practical: second time zone display and dynamic storage

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