OMEGA, sports timekeeping experts

in addition apt watch affair OMEGA likewise has a dedicated occurrence timing,Omega Speedmaster Watches, timing as competitive sports. In 1932, International Olympic Committee decided to prefer a professional third festival enterprise because specified for the game

likewise made between OMEGA plus International Olympic Committee,short-lived cooperation with the Olympic games. Has the near relationship apt additional TOP sponsors tin never match. In January 21, 2001, OMEGA signed a cooperation approval with the International Olympic Committee short-lived OMEGA was appointed because the designated phase,except as timing and scoring board namely responsible for the data processing and the sequel of the competition go venues. In additional words,A. Lange & Söhne Lange Zeitwerk Watches, the specified timing mechanism of Olympic venues tin be solely responsible for all information,TV subtitles plus longing contest the results are transmitted to the commentator information system (CIS amid truth from 1932 apt swiftly OMEGA has to do for the Olympic Games 22 times timing service, these 70 years, OMEGA among the technology and mall development forever plus Olympic associated Chanel watches

likewise has a dedicated chance timing service,amid addition apt watch affair The timing as competitive sports competition. Chanel watches

International Olympic Committee decided apt rather a professional third celebration enterprise as a designated duration,for the marathon 1932. He eventually selected Omega Company. Therefore, OMEGA has convert the Olympic history 1st period as specified for all competition project company Prior apt this,all the races are disloyal When the IOC bought himself some jot watches, the Olympic Games, timing his record of the crew apt write,but these watches are still very perplexing apt insure the accuracy of timing game. At that time OMEGA for the conference provides 30 equipped with lofty precision handbook mechanical action split second watch timer legible red dial along with the African Arabia digital scale,plus the ruddy OMEGA logo plus jot logo its draft plus the OMEGA watch manner similar to the he. At the same period OMEGA also sent a master watchmaker to Losangeles during the Olympic Games,to ensure that always timing watch are operating properly. Chanel watches

has four Olympic accounting experience in OMEGA,behind 16 years. The London Olympics among 1948 aboard the introduction of the current equipment – terminal timing camera, which has likewise become the Olympic lane and field project plus use accurate instant instrument by far The operation principle of timing camera is the light beam namely projected apt the finish line plus next back apt the shooting,Breitling Aeromarine Watches, running hand crossed beam at the moment, the clock longing begin automatically, with always the functions is the electronic operation, accurate function almost 1/1000 seconds better than all previous utensil This camera has brought revolutionary discovery for motor timing, the wheat Bridge line (the line connected,plus mechanical stopwatch once was severing stopwatch ambition >

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