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surrounded order to acquaint the desk fans to feel the Basel Watch Fair surrounded Switzerland among 2009 published the present OMEGA hippocampus Ploprof1200 meters coaxial escapement watch distinctive charm OMEGA will be among 8/7 (five) ~8/20 (four) within the

aboriginal meaning namely”professional divers. When the first Ploprof according OMEGA and international well-known French offshore emancipate corporation COMEX and the legendary underwater browser Jacqu Cousteau jointly developed along the draft fabricate and complete testing with barely the 1st completely encounter the needs of professional diving watches. After numerous laboratory plus rigid inspection of real world ocean deep sea the assign Ploprof comes from the French “Plongeur Professionnel” the first letter. The 1st OMEGA hippocampus Ploprof watches time-consuming four years finally show the globe plus jolt desk circuit amid 1969 the Basail desk show,louis vuitton evidence 2011,and among the

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OMEGA aspiration be in 8/7 five) ~8/20 four) OMEGA flagship storage fealty plus filial fidelity plus 8/7 five) ~8/13 four) Taipei Bao Hong auditorium public gratitude,toldx 116505,among series apt tell the desk fans to experience the distinctive pulchritude of Basel Watch Fair surrounded Switzerland in 2009 published the current OMEGA hippocampus Ploprof 1200 meters coaxial escapement diving table Invites the desk fans a peep of OMEGA hippocampus Ploprof 1200 meters coaxial escapement see classic fable spectator the extraordinary achievements OMEGA duration process. This is likewise the Taipei flagship market full of allegiance plus filial allegiance annual OMEGA held two gratitude activities plus lectures amid August,greet interested friends for participation. Chanel watches

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what kind of diving tables tin give the vocational divers can go safely return from the sea What kind of vocational watches for divers to compute hazard factors,ROLEX 178341, diving plus quickly growth of 70 in the dissemination diving. And the bravery to challenge the sea The question namely namely OMEGA hippocampus Ploprof 1200 meters coaxial escapement diving desk In 1970, OMEGA introduced the epoch-making attractive oppression let professional divers can go deep polar Watch – the hippocampus 600 meters series likewise known as vocational diving desk (Plopr>

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