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July 14,Audemars Piguet New Watches, 2006, Singapore — on Friday night (July 14th), the tag heuer with accessory than 700 invited guests and members of the middling a, jointly celebrated the 69 Monaco listed surrounded singapore. This timepiece style of avantgarde, along

after awarded a 2004 Geneva senior see draft awards. Monaco 69 TAG Heuer produced the first double mechanical / electronic table This is a chart innovation, inspiration and appoint name heuer Monaco 69 meter from the TAG Heuer Watch the blaze of Monaco in 1969. The Monaco watches namely the world’s first automatic chronograph see Monaco within 692003 for a concept look out. In unprecedented ways with radical and Avant garde. This namely the 1st phase with the mechanical action and the 1/1000 second electronic timing Swiss penetrate

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Singapore – this Friday night (July 14th), July 14, 2006. TAG Heuer with more than 700 invited guests and members of the medium a,Hermès Arceau Watches, jointly celebrated the 69 Monaco listed among singapore. This timepiece avantgarde means,imitate the diagram gist concept table assign Replica watches for sale

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Monaco 69 concept desk with its daring ideas among the entire senior look industry set off a whirlwind. The night, the 2003 Basel earth see and jewelry exhibition. The newly renovated National Museum of Singapore into a brilliant clothing union,always the guests have followed the “fashionable clothe theme, with cheerful mood and elegant walking attach Replica watches for sale
Warmly greet the guests from field

. TAG Heuer because universal actuator and chief managerial Jean Christopher Babin (? Jean-Christoph Mr. Babin amid conjunction with the label heuer mark ambassador Louis Koo District of Hongkong,Richard Mille Watches, Singapore mark diplomat Wang Liling, Wu Zhenyu and Mediacorp artists Tay Ping Hui grand entrance These distinguished guests will take the Mercedes – speeding appearance Replica watches for sale

see connoisseurs quite wealthy experience, let Christopher? Mr. Babin: pleased apt be released amid Singapore Monaco 69 hour. Singapore and its surrounding place namely one essential mall for the label heuer. All essential milepost on senior look industry. Know, Monaco 69 will be forever watch collectors apt gather one necessary chapter of phase series Replica watches for sale

models stand in the glowing red screen 1000 celebration to the panic sounded the opening. To the guests show this period >

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