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150 years of pricey period how longing the label heuer pinnacle of panoramic perspective The Swiss watchmaking forerunner Heuer Odyssey forerunner universal tour in June 22nd,to 26 surrounded the Westgate Plaza grand opening. [TAG Heuer Odyssey forerunner universal outing within Shanghai Westgate Plaza

150 years of pricey duration how longing the name heuer peak of panoramic landscape?luxury mart sale

Swiss tabulation pioneer Heuer “Odyssey forerunner global tour”among June 22nd,Rado Watches,to 26 amid the Westgate Plaza grand opening.elegance market bargain

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TAG Heuer (TAG) story vocational timing code back amongst automatic mechanical watch luxury shop bargain

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[TAG Heuer “Odyssey pioneer global journey”amid the Shanghai, Westgate Plaza grand opening] elegance market sale

since 1860, TAG Heuer forever adviser the Swiss accuracy watchmaking paradigm,constantly dare the time limit the wrist watch industry created a gorgeous history, one of the world’s four biggest watch brand

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2010, TAG Heuer birth coincides with the 150 memorial brand to the peak rank focused many attention,TAG Heuer watches, “the Odyssey forerunner universal excursion which ambition last for eight months among three continents, 15 metropolis excursion the earth bringing record tag heuer history infrequent archaic watch,plus represent the past,current and hereafter TAG Heuer label Heuer the pinnacle of CARRERA 1887, MONCAO V4 plus PENDULUM forerunner elegance watches,Breguet Reine de Naples Watches,sunny light full flower refinement shop sale

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[TAG Heuer classic milepost walls

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TAG Heuer

[Carrera Calibre] because a peak of 1887 refinement mart bargain

the milepost of TAG Heuer Monaco V4 notion table linear director rail twice advocate innovative pendulum Tuo, replace gear combination of displacement surrounded the orthodox strap mechanical displacement,by the 2004 Basel fair

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