yesterday, the world’s largest Swiss watch maker Swatch group and China one of the largest hostel Jinjiang International Hotel Group officially signed a cooperation accession amid Shanghai,will fashion a joint venture surrounded Shanghai peace meeting as lunch

makes the roadhouse peace Huizhong has become one of the one and only earth class cultural arts hub the joint venture company will invite talented artists from around the earth free of charge within Jinjiang inn accommodation for artistic creation and exchange exhibition. To show the earth the wonderful human invention,also wish apt use this chance to show watchmaking craft apt people especially production tourbillon. It namely reported, the top balcony guests can view overlooking the Shanghai City, the iconic towers will be designed apt respect and peace theme restaurants,more is accepted to the guests a candlelit dinner.

the world’s largest Swiss watch producer Swatch group and China an of the largest roadhouse Jinjiang International Hotel Group officially signed a cooperation agreement among the Shanghai yesterday. Will vogue a joint adventure apt Shanghai peace Huizhong (Peace Hotel South) of the overall renovation.

truce building in Shanghai and China witnessed a centenary of vicissitudes, Shanghai because an of the important landmark building. The accumulation of the rich historical and cultural heritage. Historical sites and cultural heritage as the short-lived custody of the nation the joint adventure want be renovated tavern is located by No. 19 the Bund truce Huizhong within administration management department approval repair works are expected apt need 1-2 years time It is understood, the Peace Palace Hotel is a government designated heritage building maintenance. The joint adventure want be within line with the maintenance’s cultural heritage, building facades and building building ambition keep the aboriginal means The joint adventure ambition be based aboard a comprehensive renovation of the aboriginal classic architecture, lifting and reproducing Hotel Peace sink of the old style and cultural atmosphere The hotel after the renovation of the truce the exchange aspiration be “Arts and civilization as the marrow enjoy life for the theme, the underlying market introduction of the Swatch group’s altitude mark boutiques, including Breguet, OMEGA and additional brands,every mart decoration aspiration dedicate detailed blueprint expected repair costs almost $30000000.

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