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        Valentine’s day in February 11, 2007, Ernest Borel (Sunday) in Guangzhou Wangfujing department store held a "Ernest Borel romance lasted 2007" large-scale promotional activities,Rado Watches, and invited to Switzerland Ernest Borel spokesman Angie Chiu

Swiss Borel on February 11, 2007 (Sunday) in Guangzhou Wangfujing department store held a "Ernest Borel romance lasted 2007" large-scale promotional activities, and invited to Switzerland Ernest Borel spokesperson Angie Chiu attended the meeting and the Guangzhou audience, and share the love view, and help celebrate Valentine’s day, attracting thousands of onlookers, the situation is very popular,

      Valentine’s day. Congress more than watch the same field Encore Ernest Borel new Mermaid series the new watches the show, romantic, fashion and luxury combined.   www.luxedemontres.com



      the atmosphere is lively and warm. With an elegant Latin dance performances, opened a prelude to the program; by Southern Television renowned female director Deng Chuqing miss as the master of ceremonies, the sentiment of onlookers citizens. The Swiss Ernest Borel Asia Pacific CEO Mr. Su Da said, hope that through the mermaid series the debut of the new, can be Borel fashion romantic attitude to life is extended to China regions. Dressed up to attend the activity of the Swiss Ernest Borel spokesman Angie Chiu also appears in high spirit, in Taiwan to share with the audience of the romantic view, when asked about this year’s Valentine’s Day program,Dior VIII Watches, also make a romantic Valentine’s dinner with her husband, Huang Jin – at home. MR and Miss Zhao brand new debut Yashi Mermaid series table held a simple ceremony then, marked the official landing Guangzhou market Lu Guangzhou market. www.luxedemontres.com


      activities at the scene also held a special "romantic life" drama, love by a couple from young to old together, expressed at different stages of life, as long as the heart, also can enjoy the same thrilling romantic moment, but time is always the best witness romantic the. In addition, the Swiss Borel watch show play will also be the scene atmosphere to the climax, by foreign models wearing noble fashion Borel new Mermaid series catwalk, deductive Swiss Ernest Borel art classic romantic, and other classic series, including the 150 anniversary limited edition watch series, elegant table, Jazz Series Mens Watch and Kolumb series of men’s table.

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