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“we recognized Audrey · Hepburn is synonymous with elegance,yet she namely likewise a connotation, opinionated plus strong woman When Longines China plus vice chancellor of the Hongkong District,Longines Heritage Collection Watches, miss Mcgiri talked approximately luxury apt

Longines started with the sports movement For the 2008 Olympic Games, from the 1912 Longines as the Swiss Federal gymnastics movement accounting instruments began. Longines aspiration continue apt sponsor elegant Chinese men’s gymnastics team plus the Olympic Games as the designated period measuring instrument, there ambition be updated strategic plan step to enlarge Chinese mall


merely also namely a connotation, opinionated plus strong woman When Longines China plus vice chancellor of the Hongkong District,when miss Mcgiri,chat about grace elements of the recognized Audrey · Hepburn namely synonymous with elegance. He had explained along Longines, a commodity to be a luxury goods must have personality,but also apt assure the quality of. www.lvrolexshopping.com

elegance namely Longines’s banner, over the years for Longines spokesperson Hepburn. Is always chase constituted the Longines desk as a refinement personality; plus the connotation of Hepburn’s wealthy and charming personality and explain the Longines see the pursuance of quality, quality and technical innovation of another”elegance elements. Mai Jili looks, personality plus quality namely the marrow of luxury grace www.lvrolexshopping.com

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as Swatch group entered the China market originated amid 1832 Longines see namely Swiss watchmaking among the oldest trademark. In 1889, Shanghai has Longines trail; among 1911, Chinese newspaper appeared on the Longines ads. For a time Longines surrounded the China forgotten a empty history. When it comes to Longines among the evolution Chinese, wheat prefer miss Keeley said, 1994,Longines Watches,behind into the China mall,within 2003, Longines in the Chinese sales reached the earth 1st crossed Italy plus japan.


takes time,perseverance plus bravery In 1994,evolution Chinese such a mall Set up a Longines surrounded the Chinese sales floor forces’ rectification Chinese mall unified mall faces was my main job. For cultivating the Chinese refinement mall Maggie

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