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5 month, Swiss plum table factory coach Carlo · Bala Vecsey (CarloparraV.Cini) came to Shenzhen, talked almost the evolution status of plum desk and consumption within the China. China consumers apt Rui

at last Mr. Carlo very much Chinese mall share. Plum table surrounded the China mall sales namely the best in the world Chinese ascent and to the stage of evolution changes every day Every annual Carol longing have one to two times from Switzerland and came apt Chinese,Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon WATCH REPLICA, solutions on the mall and exchange views aboard issues and associate technology,market and so aboard each period comes,ambition find Chinese have changed a lot, which fascinates me “and Shenzhen’s economic situation namely quite comely lofty spending power, consumers are more adult On Shenzhen’s partners – Shenzhen world look median likewise expressed eminent satisfaction and appreciation.

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Swiss plum table factory guide Carlo · Bala Versini (Mr. CarloparraV.Cini came to Shenzhen,PANERAI Historic Luminor Watches,five early. Talked nearly the evolution status of plum table and consumption amid the China.

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early among the last centenary fifty or sixty’s, Chinese consumers may never strange to the Swiss plum desk TITONI. Many country girls is not to plum desk do not wed at present plum table is still happening recognized Swiss discern one of the top ten brands. And surrounded the whole China region, plum bloom”sales accounted for the total yield of 28% ~ 58%, the plum flower unbeaten puzzle where?elegance watches

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has seasoned much hardships as decades: Twenty during the recession, thirty years of economic crisis the Second World War, Japan among the eighty’s cheap spend fashion desk and the clash of the colossal crew of mergers. Plum table not only to keep the independence, was founded among 1919 along the Swiss plum table But there has been considerable mutation,chance a world brand of watches; into the China mall in the past 40 years, Chinese three offices, and a repair service hub amid the national each huge metropolis luxury watches
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namely that mechanical watches,Basel World Watches,high quality plum desk is In order apt give full activity apt the advantages and characteristics of their own, never converge on mass production,but the watch manufacturing as a process of creating art Plum desk goal namely not committed to watch sales growth,apt constantly amend the quality,an effective competitive companies deficiency >

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