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Transatlanticjourneyof “SpiritofSt.Louis”among May 20, 1927, 25 annual age Lin Bai driving spirit of St. Louis”apt abandon USA Roosevelt airport This namely the 1st period in the history of the great

itself is one eminent design interesting. Collectors disburse attention apt work Lin Bai edge desk Not necessarily equate with ordinary people Ordinary people anonymous so called tourbillon, the so-called three Q desk namely not quite practical merit has high merit for appreciation and collection merit

Transatlant journei of Spirit of St.Loui

25 year age Lin Bai’s spirit of St. Louis”apt depart USA Roosevelt airport This namely the 1st phase surrounded the history of flight across the Atlantic, May 20, 1927. As a tread beyond the victory of human conquest of ideal. His drawing chart Longines made while Lin Bai day dress angle desk


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is to rapidly calculate when the angle, angular (Meridian hour angl refers apt the world by a celestial surround among the angle. Lin Bai diagram desk Then the aeroplane sextant and aviation circular desk calculate their positions,determine the direction of flight. Lin Bai over the Atlantic trip a challenging venture creation,at that time the watch is equal to is the staff of life. 1/4 centuries after radar systems available because decades after this, star oriented road navigation organ also appeared maybe Lindbergh angle table has not practical attain aboard the fly. But, the original spirit go down to descendant unique additional,accessory collectors salivating.

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the age Dong Longines Lin Bai brim desk,surrounded recent years. Market merit by the phase Shengzhong fan. Pay attention to the bbs auction of readers,when understand this table has the spend pile up high by an auction. Value the chance it is connate 75 years, Longines once afresh launched a finite production version because anniversary,afford mall At the same phase the total value is fewer so do 75, 18K gold accessory only five

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