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Switzerland hundred years mechanical watch jot ORIS, recently plus free diving world disc holder CarlosCoste signed a cooperation accession as three years. ORIS plus will issue a array of its appoint mechanical diving see

Carlo Cost unlimited diving to a depth of 140 meters apt wreck the globe disc Ori congratulations apt Cost to construct this surprising accomplishment 2006 September,hublot oceanographic 1000 replica.

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Switzerland hundred years mechanical look mark ORIS recently and free diving earth record on the human Carlo Cost signed a cooperation accession as three years,hyt h1 titanium replica. ORIS and ambition publish a array of its nominate mechanical diving watches

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repeatedly with a gifted free diving, the 30 annual old from Venezuela ocean dragon. A human of amazing record of life. In 2003,hublot f1 interlagos replica, Carlo Cost the 1st person among the earth the victory by free diving swoop to 100 meters deep waters,plus accordingly a twinkle amid the Guinness Book of globe history under the personal page. In 2004, with no restrictions swoop apt a depth of 135 meters; plus to a constant heaviness diving to 102 meters diving disc — afresh create two dazzling watches

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