Tissot brand – Macao’s first global president in person at the scene

&nbsp,Online shopping;       as a 155 year history of the Swiss watch brand Tissot, with its superb tabulation process continue to attract many consumers, suitable for various occasions to wear, with the latest design and first-class technology to watch lovers

also represents "more value expression of PLU Tissot products and services will be provided to allow customers to beat all surprise value. Tissot’s full line of products series – classic series, sports series, fashion series,Vacheron Constantin watches, series of high-tech and gold watch, pocket watch and nostalgia series have in store. In addition,       T+ symbol Tissot store: T stands for "Tissot Tradit" Tiansuo also represents the conservative technology Technolog and "fashion Trend" + is a Swiss flag symbol. Added VIP zone, make the customer can choose the fine love, experience the top shopping courtesy. So many stars shopping service, exactly practice philosophy: Tissot Tissot watches ", not only can give customers more value. luxury watches

Tissot with its superb tabulation process from time to time to attract many consumers,       as with a 155 year history of the Swiss watch brand. To watch enthusiasts to provide for a variety of places, have to wear the latest design and first-class technology innovation, quality products, in November 1, 2007, the first Macao Tissot store opened in Venice holiday resort hotel. luxury watches

luxury watches

luxury watches

Tissot global president Francois – Tim Po Mr.

in Macao first store

luxury watches

source to conservative "interior design inherit" extraordinary creativity. >

luxury watches

Each display

shop reflects the Tissot brand spirit and extraordinary creativity,Replica watches,       Tissot Macao’s first store has 57 square meters of shopping area. Due to the conservative. Tissot store a large double safe cabinet, creative embodies the showcase of Tissot as deposited in a bank safe boxes of precious treasures. Shop at the entrance put projection screen a book about, through the projector on the top, the Tissot 150 years of glorious history and evolution of a page appears, allow customers to Tissot’s 100 years of history has a more profound solution. The shop window was left with a touch sensing function display window a chic, affixed above the ring pattern, Tissot embodies the global first >

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