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for the legendary automobile blueprint in the finite edition special table; so everyone can dream come true afterward its debut by the 2004 Basel horological exposition on the successful fire of the 1st SLRCalibre36-R, TAG Heuer is proud to attempt

hence appears excellent streamlined aboard the wrist. Strap namely equipped with a push-button safety strap buckle, the code chart classic crocodile leather cane boldly into the case. Etching “SLR”. With lofty power automobile difficult chart (43 mm diameter) TA G Heuer SLR because Mercedes-Benz namely designed for the world’s highest valuable watch connoisseurs of high-end works. Replica watches for sale

is the legendary automobile chart among the finite edition special table,montre breitling chrono mati; so everyone can dream come true Replica watches for sale

TAG Heuer and arrogant to fire the TA G Heuer SLR for Mercedes-Benz represents afresh demonstrated its outstanding amazing watchmaking accomplishment After the 1st by the 2004 Basel Watch Fair victory launched the 1st SLR Calibr 36-R. Replica watches for sale

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and celebrated according TAG Heuer with McLaren Mercedes league The fashionable SLR code table focus because fans and high-end elegance automobile connoisseurs.

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the same brand quantity of the first SLR code table production among 2004,MONTRES TAG HEUER, TAG Heuer and Mercedes Benz: collaborative reputation brand prestige high tunnel. Marks since 1995 Mercedes – speeding and the tag heuer cooperation relationship further and McLaren’s cooperation began among 1995) sharing the same brand amount these high-end elegance brands: representation,chart majestic innovation,omega La Collection Speedmaster, and of way passion for racing. Root of the quantity namely that it is the history and tradition, which even can be traced back to 1955,when Fandiou (Juan Manuel Fangio flew the first Merced SLR represents the motion, light, Silver Arrow around the lane racing) – one of the maximum exciting hairpin Mill (Hairpin corner Miglia— racing in the daytime like afterward every F1 racer, Vatican do clothes is the label heuer watches,then known for the Heuer Replica watches for sale

TA G Heuer SLR for Mercedes-Benz >

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