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        in 2008 the Basail World Expo, we announced the first specifically for the "space walk" and the design of the watch — SEIKO (Seiko) SpringDrive "Spacewalk (spacewalk)" watch.

announced the first "space walk" specially designed watches Seiko) Spring Drive Spacewalk SEIKO space walk) watch. &nbsp,audmere watches for sale;     2008 World Expo basel.

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in accordance with the schedule he related to the ongoing training courses and some other preparations. The plan he will in October this year in the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan took off.       Richard? Garriot will serve as the first person to wear a watch into space.

but will no longer perform "space walk" task. Richard on June 11th in the website discloses the news,       however, although Richard to the international space station, space flight is still on schedule. Announced the cancellation of the space extravehicular operations (EVA

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this wristwatch for limit test,discount tourbillon watches,       I am very disappointed. Spring Drive Spacewalk space walk) watch was to survive in space extravehicular operations (severe environmental conditions faced by EVA and the design of the hope to take this opportunity to. And confirmed in this space mission.

to confirm my watch performance in real space walk ". Seiko Seiko Limited by Share Ltd, Space Adventures Inc and Space Adventur Epson) is actively seeking new opportunities,       still persistent. The early realization of space extravehicular operations as much as possible (EVA task.


will immediately announced,       once I have new launch Spring Drive Spacewalk space walk) watch into free space programme. Will assure you that, to confirm SEIKO Seiko) >

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