Oris French version of the official website, officially launched!

        in addition to English and Devin, the official website of the French version of Oris has been officially launched. In addition to the product information is available in French watch,Luxury shop sale, also increased the new table section information: OrisTT3F1K Gold Limited Edition watch

every week will provide Ori world and the latest activities and news. Also welcome those who support the Ori French friends and look forward to have more friends to use their own language to the latest information to receive Ori.     &nbsp,Montblanc Villeret Watches; Ori official website. www.luxedemontres.com

Official website of Ori

the French version has been officially launched.       in addition to English and Devin. www.luxedemontres.com

also adds a new table section information: Ori TT3 F1 K gold limited scale and Ori TT3 track the table of limits can be watched at the same time in English, German,luxuryshopsale.com, French, three edition.       in addition to the product information available outside the French watch. www.luxedemontres.com

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