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time over the past fifty years,amid 2008 October, the world’s leading see brand CITIZEN held “CITIZEN Chinese true fifty years period travel”festival in Beijing, from bring an end to the nation partners plus hundreds of knowledge

CITIZEN since 50’s of the last century to the Chinese entrance watches, everyone has something almost the memory of the time Witness the necessary moment of life as many folk,for China consumers, CITIZEN is never barely the representative of majestic quality,is a true memory,watches,every time with people growth process,price many cheerful times plus touching moment. Since 1958 to enter the Chinese,Vacheron Constantin CABINOTIERS watches, CITIZEN has entire been committed to the China consumers with excellent products plus services,Fake Cartier Watches,to contribute to the folk a better life. The release of the Chinese true fifty years accumulation finite version namely condensed CITIZEN the latest plus maximum sophisticated technology, the total embodiment of fusion plus beauty As CITIZEN (China) leader Mr. Yazaki Takashio Watch Co Ltd said,never merely engraved with the true memory,surplus representative of the CITIZEN China consumers thanks plus changeless mart bargain

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2008 October,duration over the past fifty years. The leading see mark CITIZEN held “CITIZEN Chinese true fifty years period travel”festival among Beijing, from bring an end to the nation partners plus accessory than 100 famous medium gathered attach apt review half a centenary years revise and minute. And CITIZEN forged indissoluble jump gymnastics star Allison Moore,plus Mr. Nagai Yasuo,actuator of CITIZEN timepiece apt visit the site. At the same phase among order apt commemorate fifty years into the Chinese, CITIZEN enterprise site launched specifically as the “fifty years” China true Design Edition ultra-thin light stamina wag vogue finite version 888.elegance mart bargain

CITIZEN watches namely the key this called “CITIZEN China true fifty years junket activities. Open the memories of the past. Nearly 100 years of Beijing Opera Art Master Mr. Zhang talked nearly his juvenile sport plus accordingly defer performance was master of exercise,merely likewise has among mind apt be trustworthy punctuality. Gymnastics star Allison Moore won the League for the 1st period in the earth is the 1994 Hiroshima Asian Games, won four individual titles plus the women’s gymnastics troop championship. She constantly go apt competitions surrounding the earth to discern a lot of the nation is quite neat plus beautiful are increasingly aware of the magnitude of environmental maintenance plus amid 2008 joined into the CITIZEN to health,to environmental conservation walking amid public welfare activities. The most impressive senior photographer Mr. Lei told his 08 years among Sichuan earthquake region meantime the perceive was >

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