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because Roland Garros (RolandGarros) the French Open tennis competition official partners, the Swiss watchmaker Longines desk among the spring plus summer of this year launched a search as the future Tennis Championship chance In May 15th, Longines pedestal tomorrow champion activities selected China green

Longines (LONGINES) Master eight pin moon carved behind iron watches, Swiss goods into the 7751-25 diamond carved automatic mechanical operation (click aboard the image you tin ask elegance mart bargain

for Roland · Garros (RolandGarros) the French Open tennis championship allowable partners, the Swiss watchmaker Longines table among the spring and summer of this anniversary launched a search for the hereafter Tennis Championship chance The final China junior players gathered within Beijing May 15th Longines found tomorrow champion” selected,5116R-001 for sale, Longines aesthetic image diplomat Aaron Kwok visit the site apt discern them,apt beholder the birth of the final two China hereafter tennis star”. At the same duration,likewise as Longines Beijing store within Beichen grand opening,charm of Longines’s new sports style see — admiral Admiral ceramic chronograph.

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time domain has 130 years of eminent experience plus honor the traditional Longines among motion,Breguet Replica Watches, since the beginning of 2007 as the French Open tennis championship lawful partners. Roland Garros (· RolandGarros) namely the legendary tennis four Grand Slam events, its elegance, excellence, tradition plus Longines utter qualified In 2010,411.NM.1170.RX, Longines decided apt look for the future tennis champion,want afresh sponsor “Andre · Agassi fund”plus”Graf for kid plus tomorrow fund”and amongst the selection of advocate juvenile tennis talent plus long-term sponsorship promising performer plus training to juvenile aptitude power tennis field found grace mart bargain

Longines aspiration invite 16 kid from nearly the globe 8 boys,8 girls aged 10 ~12 years old apt Paris, Roland Garros surrounded · a game. The game aspiration bring an end to two winners, Longines ambition provide the two winning young players every annual to cater funding until they are 16 years old support them multiply the tennis ability After the final, Longines ambition likewise donate a $100000 retard apt Agassi and Steffi Graf philanthropy fund. Spread the admire find the future this elegant internal, it is Longines elegant attitude my personality” lasting loveliness

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