seagull Watch Group since relocated apt the aerodrome logistics processing zone of the industrial park,always the normal operation During the national daytime seagull Group employees are still staying among work, independent innovation,redouble new products,to the construction of mechanical watch movements as the world’s largest

seagull Watch Group since relocated to the airport logistics processing region of the industrial park,forever the normal operation During the national daytime seagull Group employees are still staying within work, independent innovation,dilate popular products,to fabricate the world’s largest mechanical watch activity manufacturing steadily forward To hear the reporter Li He reports:

within the group of national level technology centre a digit of technical staff namely apt tackle the problems argue technical details of ultra-thin automatic watch and watch. Seagull Watch Group Chief Engineer Hou Guilin told reporters,according the kill of the nine month, construction technology centre,,either from the hardware,replica alhambra talisman watch,alternatively software have been improved, upgrading:

watch the news [news] seagull watch team moved apt the aerodrome logistics processing zone always operating normally, (recording: as yet we are tackling is an ultra-thin two.five millimeters thick automatic desk there namely a two point five mm crown,among addition are put into one of the world by the moment the barely lawful creation tourbillon watch. )

watch the news over the years,replica hublot black mamba watch, seagull Group R & D “three surrounded one” as the representative of the diversity of the world watches watches. As the domestic watch affair among the barely state-level R & D hub Mi Hito knows the importance of independent innovation and brand strategy. Seagull Watch Group Chief Engineer Hou Guilin introduction:

(recording: this annual the plenary we flee sales revenue and profit has a bigger breakthrough correction especially the seagull brand development velocity namely faster. Recently established a post doctoral workstations, and around colossal together to train a team of altitude talent core capability the twelfth five annual industrial park planning to form 10000000, 1000000 mechanical watch creation scale, the solo company scale border ought be the biggest. )

among August this anniversary seagull watch team to command goodbye to the 50 years of history of Tianjin Binhai New Area apt watch factory, the relocation of the aerodrome logistics processing region Tianjin Seagull Watch Group Chairman Wang Deming said,after the relocation namely not merely promoting alter hardware, they aspiration also continue apt enhance the capability of independent innovation,to create one international brand as a development strategy, striving for world class:

(recording: is a research and development. In the production architecture the fashionable technology,modish technology,fashionable materials adapt and afterward to the world

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